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Setting up students and classes is very easy and you can be off and running in no time at all. Tracking is entirely web-based so you can enter data from anywhere you can access the internet!

You will have a variety of reports at your fingertips. Our system offers various stages of reporting of the attendance that, with our system you are able to collect data from all classes in your school which will help in various decision making. Our system also allows schools to easily report  this data at different levels i.e. sectors, districts then to the ministry.


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Attendance tracking software so simple and effortless to use that teachers of classes of any size or organizers  can spend more time with participants!

My promise is to always continue to work hard building a better, simpler, smarter product based solely on the feedback of loyal users.

To become the absolute best tool for teachers and organizers to use to track and report their attendance online.

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Online attendance tracking for everyone!

Track attendance for any class.

Save time, money and effort using the simplest tool available to track your class. Get a quote today and await our team to validate you to use our application!


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My attend

Some of the top attendance tracking features

  • Faster and easier to use than any other solution, especially pen and paper or spreadsheets.
  •  Integrated reporting to get all of the information back from your tracking easily.
  •  Track as many classes and students as you want all in the same place.
  •  Customize your tracking any way you want. You can add any categories you want anytime.
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With such a great all in one system at your fingertips money will not be an issue to work with us.


With the world changing at an alarming rate and many things going digital, we have to change with it otherwise we will be left behind. Nowadays schools are finding it difficult to keep track of students’ attendance as well as teachers’ presence in their allocated classes at specific times. Without being able to monitor this, quality education and a high level of literacy in our next generation is at stake.


My-Attend.com comes in as a solution to help schools manage their record systems. It is an attendance management system that will help teachers to easily take attendance of students in their classes hence reducing students’ absence. This system will also help academic institutions to generate attendance reports for different classes which can be used by directors and other third parties in various decision making processes. Moreover, the system will also help academic institutions to monitor whether teachers or other instructors are following schedules to deliver learning materials to students accordingly. This Records Management System will also benefit academic institutions in terms of risk reduction. Proper management of records can be helpful in terms of evidence of the organization’s actions and decisions.

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