My Attend – Introduction


With the world changing at an alarming rate and many things going digital, we have to change with it otherwise we will be left behind. Nowadays schools are finding it difficult to keep track of students’ attendance as well as teachers’ presence in their allocated classes at specific times. Without being able to monitor this, quality education and a high level of literacy in our next generation is at stake. 


MyAttend comes in as a solution to help schools manage their record systems. It is an attendance management system that will help teachers to easily take attendance of students in their classes hence reducing students’ absence. This system will also help academic institutions to generate attendance reports for different classes which can be used by directors and other third parties in various decision making processes. Moreover, the system will also help academic institutions to monitor whether teachers or other instructors are following schedules to deliver learning materials to students accordingly.


This Management System for Records will also benefit academic institutions in terms of risk reduction. Proper management of records can be helpful in terms of evidence of the organization’s actions and decisions. The relationship between records and risks can be seen in two ways, risks deriving from bad records management, and records used as a tool to mitigate risks. The former means that organizations can face business risks associated with records management, such as compliance concerns, disaster recovery issues, public relations crises and  discrete information breaches. 


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